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New Episode & Clips
New Episode & Clips
Coronavirus Whistleblower

Hi Basheer,

I was recently joined on the show by Dr Li-Meng Yan, the Chinese virologist and whistleblower who is risking her life to tell the world the truth behind the very origins of the Coronavirus that we have been forced to accept as a disruptive part of our daily lives.

Back in December 2019, while working at the Hong Kong University of Public Health, Dr Yan was instructed to carry out an investigation into a seemingly virulent strain of pneumonia that was circulating in the Wuhan district. What Dr Yan discovered has shaken the very foundations on which our trust in those that inform the laws and structures upon which a civilised society is built.

Her findings highlighted that not only was a highly mutated virus making its way through the population, but this virus was developed by humans in a laboratory in Wuhan rather than being naturally occurring in its origins.

Dr Yan believed it was absolutely necessary to tell the world what she had found, and in doing so put herself and her family in extreme danger.
Fleeing her homeland and taking up residency in the United States of America has done little to quench the desire to see her silenced. Recently, Dr Yan has been widely criticised and discredited by both the Chinese Government and the World Health Organisation, as well as having her social media accounts suspended.

How The Chinese Government Covered Up The Emergence Of The SARS-CoV-2 Virus
A number of clips from this groundbreaking interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word and defend our human rights: grab these clips today!

1. What’s It Like Being Dr. Li-Meng Yan
2. Censorship In China VS USA
3. β€œTell My Friends I Did Not Commit Suicide”
4. If You Stayed In China, Would You Be Dead Now
5. How It All Started In Wuhan
6. Covid Was Created In A Lab And Then Released To The Public
7. Do They Have A Vaccine For Covid
8. Covid Targets Humans Specifically
9. Can You Rush Through A Vaccine
10. How To Protect Ourselves Against Covid
11. The Chinese Vaccine
12. What Do You Say To Your Critics
13. Population Control In China
14. China Is Taking Over Hong Kong
15. Escaping From Hong Kong
16. Will You Ever Go Back To China

Furthermore, the full episode is also available for download complete with English, Simplified and Traditional Mandarin Chinese subtitles:

Your freedom of speech champion,

Founder & Host, London Real


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