Brian Rose for Mayor
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Brian For Mayor
Brian For Mayor
My Plans To Become Your Next Mayor of London
Hi Jozef,

I recently announced my plans to become Your next Mayor of London.

I want to lead this incredible city in a new direction.

  • A new direction that promises to bring back a great economy.

  • A new direction that delivers a strong education system.

  • A new direction that guarantees world-class health services, culture, technology, transport, and environmental practices.

  • A new direction that guarantees the human rights of the citizens of this great city.

I love London.

I have always loved London and will always love this great city.

I love the people, the history, the spirit, the culture, the diversity - it embodies everything I hold dear in my heart.

I believe it truly is the greatest city in the world.

But now, we face dark times, and perhaps the most difficult crisis this city has ever encountered.

Our elected leaders have failed our great city
  • I see a total lack of leadership
  • I see a total lack of science-based decision-making
  • I see a completely disproportionate response to the virus
  • I see our once strong economy being destroyed right in front of our eyes

Our city’s finances are in shambles, our small businesses are not being supported, our culture is being destroyed, our transportation policies are ridiculous, our education system is being compromised, and our health & wellbeing has been completely ignored.

London was once one of the greatest global brands in the world personifying determination, innovation, perseverance, fortitude and an indomitable spirit.

What are we now?  One of the lowest performing major cities in the world.  

I have decided to stand for Mayor of London because of one fundamental reason:

I can no longer sit idly by, and watch our current crop of politicians, drive this incredible city into the ground.

I believe that with strong leadership, science-based decision making, a proportionate response to the virus, a focus on the economy, and my Transform London 2021 plan of action, that we can reverse this dangerous downward spiral, and make London once again a world-class capital city and one of the most desirable places in the world to live, work and visit.    

However I can’t do it alone. I will need the help of every citizen of this great city working together towards our common goal.

So why me?

The truth is I had no intention of becoming your next Mayor. I have always been an entrepreneur and a broadcaster first and foremost, and have spent the past nine years building my company London Real to be one of the most recognised brands in the world. We make transformational content, documentary movies, and academic courses designed to help people create better lives, better businesses and better communities.

We have broadcast 1000 long-form conversations with the greatest minds on the planet, which have now been watched and downloaded over half a billion times. We have also graduated over 5,000 students from 107 countries and transformed the lives of millions more.

Our mission has always been a straightforward, yet powerful one: to create a mass-scale transformation of humanity into a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative species.

And since 2011 we are proud to have done this to an incredible global scale and high standard every single day.

Yet when I looked at my home city of London, I realised my own community is on the brink of failure.

I have lived in London for over 20 years, working for 11 years total as a banker in the City of London before embarking on my career as a broadcaster. Since my Mom first brought me to London on a "European Vacation" from San Diego, California in 1986 at age 15, I have felt a resonance with the unique history, diverse culture, and outstanding people of this incredible city.

I love London and the UK, and earned my British citizenship in 2007 which I proudly display on my office wall at home. When it came time to name my broadcasting platform, there was no better choice than "London Real" because it personifies this great city that I hold so dear.  

I have settled here, my two sons were born here, and I plan to be buried in this great city.

Ironically this is the absolute worst moment for me to take on this great challenge to transform our city.

My business continues to grow exponentially, and my broadcasting operation needs my attention to deliver incredible life-changing content to the world.

But at the same time, I cannot watch this great city be run into the ground, by career politicians with their vested interests, and complete lack of accountability.

It has become apparent to me that I have a new mission: to step up and lead this incredible city to once again assert itself as the global power it truly is. And I am fully committed to leading London back to be a world-class city once again.

To do this, I understand the personal costs involved. To do the right thing, I need to put my work, my life, my plans, everything, on hold to deliver what I profoundly believe the city desperately needs right now.

But with your support, I am confident we can accomplish this new mission together.

We have the most incredible city in the world, and I promise to work tirelessly to make London a world-class city once again.

I am here to be of service.

Thank you,

Brian For Mayor
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